Ooky Spooky Footage From Perth Airport’s Blackout Has Emerged Online Like Some Blair Witch Tape

perth airport blackout footage

Ooky-spooky footage from Perth Airport has emerged after all the power went out on Tuesday afternoon.

Airports are fkn scary in broad daylight, no human on this planet should be subjected to having to roam around those dark sterile halls for longer than an hour.

Unfortunately, Aussies in Perth Airport were subject to the eternal void of nothingness after a massive storm damaged a high-voltage transmission pole.

Flights? Cancelled. Check-ins? Extremely delayed. Security screenings? In your dreams.

“The backup generation system for critical safety systems such as the runway lighting worked as intended meaning that aircraft could continue to land safely throughout the event,” wrote a spokesperson for Perth Airport on Twitter.

“Other parts of the system that provide power to the terminals did not work as planned.”

Footage from the scene has put the fear of God in me. Closing my eyes is already a horrifying ordeal, I could not imagine being in this position.

“Wild weather power outages quite literally leaving passengers in the dark, using their phone lights to try and find their luggage manually being brought out because the baggage carousels aren’t working,” wrote reporter Zarisha Bradley on Twitter.

Other folks at the airport claimed that the bathrooms didn’t even have water coming out of the taps. I’m sure that’s a completely unrelated issue but damn, talk about hellish experiences.

One Twitter user claimed their friend saw a Qantas worker quit on the spot. Take this with a grain of salt, however, there is no way we can verify this.

After all the wild shit we’ve heard from baggage handlers at Aussie airports, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true. It seems every high-demand industry in the country is collapsing and nobody is doing a thing.

“As part of our hazard response, our crews have found a transmission pole that has been damaged resulting in high voltage conductor hanging close to the ground, posing a safety risk,” said a spokesperson for Western Power.

So basically, it was a miserable time for nearly everyone in Perth Airport. Cables were hanging around like a clingy hook-up, taps were as dry as me during a clingy hook-up, and the electricity was missing from the room, just like… you get the gist.

I leave you with this absolutely gold tweet about the blackout, which has left me crying.

It’s good to have humour to make light of the situation.