OH NO: One Of Melbourne’s Beloved Peregrine Falcon Chicks Has Sadly Died

One of Melbourne’s adored peregrine falcon chicks has sadly died this morning, just a handful of weeks after hatching.

[jwplayer TeuO2qPk]

The 367 Collins Falcons live stream, watched by hundreds every day, shared the news in an announcement on Facebook.

“Unfortunately, we have lost one of the chicks this morning,” spokesperson Kersley shared. “I know it’s very hard for some viewers to watch and come to terms with.”

At the time of the announcement, Kersley explained the team had decided to turn the camera away from the falcons’ main nest to wait for the parents to remove the carcass.

“For the safety of the chicks and us, we will not attempt to remove the carcass,” the post continued. “Last season we attempted to remove one of the carcasses and one of the surviving chicks was frightened and flew off the ledge. Luckily the chick returned back to the nest safely. For this reason, we will not attempt to move the carcass.”

In response to a number of worried viewers, the organisation explained it would not be stepping in to protect the two surviving chicks.

“Unfortunately, we will not intervene and we have to let nature take its course.

“Thank you for your understanding and we hope the surviving chicks make it through.”

By the looks of it, the live stream’s camera is still turned the other way. At the time of writing, the two surviving little peregrine falcon chicks hobbled into view. They’re very fluffy and appear to be well.

You can watch the 367 Collins Falcons Live Stream here.