Melbourne’s Peregrine Falcon Family Have Hatched Three Wee Babs & The Livestream’s Goin Off

Peregrine Falcon

The Melbourne CBD Peregrine Falcons have hatched three little falcon bbs, in one of the most wholesome live streams you will set eyes on.

The birds, also known as the Collins Street Murder Chickens, have been filmed for four years now, with the live stream of the chicks hatching becoming somewhat of an annual event.

The first baby hatch was recorded at around 11:22AM today, with the second bb coming in around 1PM, and the third falcon bub saying hello to the world at approximately 2PM.

Around 3PM, the father falcon returned with some delicious dead thing to feed to its newborns, while mum dashed off to spread her wings for a bit. We love to see some teamwork in the bird community.

The live stream, as usual, was broadcasted from Melbourne’s CBD, from a location that has purposely remained undisclosed to the public.

“The location of the nest boxes cannot be disclosed and any comments about their exact location will be deleted,” the live stream read.

“This is for the welfare of the Peregrines and in the interests of management on site. This live stream is very popular and many people want to know specifics of the nest location.

“Dr Victor Hurley (project manager) asks that people refrain from all discussions about these details. Not knowing them doesn’t detract from the joy of watching this event as it unfolds.”

The peregrine Falcons have been living in nest boxes on the ledge of the building since the early 1990s, and have become longtime Melbourne residents.

The cameras were set up sometime around 2016 for the sole purpose of watching and sharing the Falcons with the rest of the world.

As for their location on the ledge of a tall building, the live stream assures via their description that the chicks are safe.

“The birds are on a long ledge with a nest box at either end. As the chicks become mobile, they move up and down the ledge, so sometimes they move out of the camera,” the description reads.

“If the birds have settled at the other end, we may not see them but there is no need to be alarmed.”

You can watch the live stream for yourself below.

Alright folks, I know how I’m spending the rest of my Friday arvo.