In news emanating from somewhere in the vicinity of a broken clock, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has labelled Prime Minister Scott Morrison an “arrogant bully” over his rushing through of a new Australia Post chief executive, one day prior to a formal Senate enquiry into the sacking of former CEO Christine Holgate.

Hanson posted a lengthy statement to her Facebook page earlier this morning slamming the Morrison Government’s decision to parachute Woolies’ supply chain chief Paul Graham into the AusPost CEO chair, after Holgate left the post in November of last year.

While the official Government line is that Holgate tendered her resignation voluntarily, Holgate herself has asserted she never agreed to stand aside. She claims the Morrison Government more or less forced her out of the gig over the Cartier watches scandal; a scenario which saw AusPost spend $20,000 on luxury watches which were used as bonuses.

That exit – or removal – is the subject of a formal Senate enquiry which begins tomorrow, but this morning the Morrison Government confirmed Graham’s appointment to the gig.

Pauline Hanson, for one, isn’t happy about that at all.

Going directly at the Prime Minister for showing “unmistakable contempt” for the Senate process, Hanson slammed Morrison as being an “arrogant bully” who has “disregarded the efforts of the Senate.”

Hanson’s statement reads, in part:

“The announcement of a new Australia Post chief executive and managing director today shows absolute arrogance on behalf of the Prime Minister and two of his most senior Ministers. It demonstrates unmistakeable contempt of the process and this is proving typical of the Prime Ministers leadership style. Scott Morrison is attempting to deliberately destabilise witnesses ahead of tomorrows Senate inquiry.”

“The Prime Minister hasn’t said boo about $77.5 million in bonuses paid by the NBN Co, yet he’s thrown Christine Holgate under a bus for the purchase of $20,000 worth of watches given as bonuses following a boost of $220 million to Australia Post’s bottom line. As far as I’m concerned, the Prime Minister is nothing but an arrogant bully who has disregarded the efforts of the Senate to shine a light on the truth behind the Australia Post saga.”

An entirely fair point made by a person who absolutely sucks.

That’s politics, baby.

That’s the good stuff.