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Name a more iconic duo than Aussie politicians and accidental C-bombs. In this instance, we have the PM himself, Scott Morrison, uttering what sounds like “cunt” when referring to Health Minister Greg Hunt.

The incident occurred at a Wednesday morning press conference discussing Australia’s botched vaccine rollout, before it was quickly posted to Reddit where it quickly clocked over four thousand upvotes.

“On the 19th of February Minister G- Hunt called the EU Health Minister to advocate for release of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Australia,” Morrison said.

See that little “Minister G- Hunt” thing? That’s the moment where he may as well have called the Health Minister a cunt on live TV.  See for yourself:

Aussie PM makes freudian slip when referring to his health minister from australia

In a way, the Prime Minister lowkey said what we’re all thinking about this mob. Who amongst us hasn’t called a federal politician (or even Morrison himself) a cunt lately?

People on Reddit even pointed out how fitting the mistaken title really is.

Others noted that it was perhaps the first time Morrison had spoken like an everyday Aussie.

He’s finally one of us, even if it was just an accident.

Of course, Morrison isn’t the only politician in recent memory to drop a cheeky C-bomb.

The PM has now joined the ranks of independent MP Andrew Wilkie, former Liberal MP Christopher Pyne (who insists he said “grub”, actually), an anonymous Nationals MP, aaaaaaaand Gough Whitlam, kinda.

Image: Getty Images / Sam Mooy