Pauline Hanson’s “All Lives Matter” Motion Got Fucking Obliterated In The Senate

If you’re after some better news today, here it is: Pauline Hanson has put her “All Lives Matter” motion to the Senate, and the Senate has absolutely bodied it straight back out the door with an almost unanimous vote against it.

To quickly recap, this morning Hanson declared her intention to table a motion in the Senate that “all lives matter.”

This is the same Parliamentary procedure that saw the Federal Government “accidentally” (so they claim) pass another Hanson motion in 2018 that it was “ok to be white,” effectively giving the Federal Government tick of approval on a white supremacist slogan.

That sure as shit wasn’t repeated today.

A senate division on the matter snuffed the absolute ever-loving shit out of Hanson’s motion, with two votes in favour of it: One from Hanson, and one from fellow One Nation lunatic Malcolm Roberts.

51 Senators – literally everyone else – voted against it.

Incredible stuff. A beautiful sight to behold. You truly, and I cannot stress this enough, love to see it.