Of Fucking Course Captain Racist Pauline Hanson Is Pushing An “All Lives Matter” Vote In The Senate

Australia is just so utterly, mind-numbingly predictable. Today, Senator Pauline Hanson will move a motion in the Senate to declare that “all lives matter”. And if history is to be believed, Coalition Senators will probably vote in favour of it.

Hanson tweeted her notice of motion Thursday morning, in response to the Black Lives Matter protests attended by thousands of people in Australia and many more around the world. In Australia, the protests have taken on a more pressing issue at home: the more than 437 Indigenous deaths in custody since 1991, without a single person prosecuted.

“No one could possibly condone the way in which George Floyd died but what upsets me is the attitude of many people, black and white that his death matters more because he is black,” Hanson said yesterday.

“Where is the outrage for white people?”

She wrongly claimed there was no outrage when Australian-American woman Justine Damond was shot by a Minnesota police officer in 2017, “because she was white”. (In fact, hundreds of people attended a vigil and Damond’s killer, Mohamed Noor, became the first ever cop to be convicted of murder for an on-duty killing.)

This isn’t the first time Hanson has used her Senate position to flame racial tensions that helped elect her in the first place. In 2018, she introduced the motion declaring that “it is okay to be white“, a 4chan troll that embarrassingly received the Coalition’s backing. It was narrowly voted down 28 votes to 31.

“We should have opposed the motion when it came up in the Senate yesterday,” Senator Matthias Cormann said the next day, after community outrage forced an apology from both him and Scott Morrison.

“As the Leader of the Government in the Senate, I take responsibility for that error and I’m sorry that it happened. It is indeed regrettable.”

Today we’ll see if the Coalition has learnt from its mistakes. My money’s on “not”.