Parkland Survivors Are Railing Against Their New “Safer” Clear Backpacks

Students at Stoneman Douglas High have returned to class for the final quarter of their schooling year, to find a raft of baffling “security” measures implemented at the school, all of which have been implemented in a bid to prevent another mass shooting from happening. And very few of them are having a bar of it, particularly their new mandatory clear backpacks.

The High School was the site of America’s latest horrific mass shooting incident, allegedly perpetrated by 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, who marched through the school on February 14th firing a high-powered assault rifle, killing 17 people and injuring 17 others.

Survivors of the shooting have subsequently begun a heightened push for gun control legislation, heaping pressure on dogged, old Conservative politicians who willingly reside in the back-pocket of the increasingly-cornered NRA; these students founded and lead the March For Our Lives protests, which collectively drew an estimated 2 million people across American cities on March 24th.

During Spring Break, school district officials enacted a number of different security measures at the high school, including increased presence from Florida Highway Patrol officers, identification cards for students, bag checks, and fenced lines leading into the school.

But the weirdest measure of all comes in the form of clear backpacks, issued to all students at no cost and deemed mandatory by school officials.

They have not gone down well.

Students have been widely dragging the backpacks on social media, asserting they protect precisely no one from anything, and serve only as a massive invasion of personal privacy.

Regarding that last photo, students have been subtly protesting the backpacks by placing a price tag of $1.05 on them; a nod to Floridian Senator Marco Rubio receiving US$3.3million in campaign contributions from the NRA, equating to around $1.05 for each of Florida’s approximate 3.1 million students.

Despite public debates and consistent questioning, Rubio has yet to directly address any of the queries or concerns put for by surviving students.