The Lt. Governor Of Texas Blamed Today’s School Shooting On Too Many Doors

In a totally mind-boggling effort to deflect attention away from guns, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has suggested that massacres like the one earlier today at Santa Fe High School could be avoided if American schools … had fewer doors.

Addressing journalists in the wake of the mass-shooting, which left ten people dead and a number of others injured, Patrick called for a rigorous crackdown on doors, saying that Texas “may have to look at” the design of its schools to limit the number of them.

He said: “There are too many entrances and too many exits to our over 8,000 campuses. There aren’t enough people to put a guard at every entry and exit.” There’s also video of the pro-gun politician saying that, in case you were concerned that we were, y’know, making it up:

Leaving aside the immense practical difficulties of herding a thousand-plus teenagers students into a building with one entrance and exit, it’s staggering that America’s elected officials would rather turn high schools into military-style compounds than even entertain the notion of tighter gun control.

The Washington Post pointed out earlier today that more people have been killed in American schools this year than have been killed while serving overseas in the US military. There have been three times as many school deaths this year as there were in the second-highest year of 2005.

They admit that 2018 has been an “unusually deadly” year for school shootings, with 22 so far, including today’s attack in Texas and the deadly ParklandFlorida massacre in February, but the idea that any school year is deadly in the first place should be cause for serious alarm.

A 17-year-old boy is in custody following today’s deadly shooting in Texas. March For Our Lives, the organisation founded by survivors of the Parkland shooting, reached out out with condolences to the victims and their families: