PACK ‘ER UP, BOYS: Matt & Alex Are Saying A Sweet Farewell To Triple J

Nooo! Nooo! In news that is sure to rend the nation in two, Matt & Alex have confirmed that they’re not returning to host Triple J Breakfast in 2017 – their very last show will be on Friday December 16th.

The boys are packin’ ‘er up. Matt Okine is turning his focus to TV – he’s got some hot content comin’ atcha via Stan – as well as his music project Boilermakers“Before radio I actually studied an acting degree,” he said. “So I figured I’d wait until my looks and hair had completely deteriorated before moving to the small screen.”

Alex Dyson, who has been on the Triple J airwaves since he was a fresh-faced lad in 2007, wants to turn his focus to other things – namely travel and writing. “After spending over a third of my life at triple j, I felt it was time to give someone else a go while I travel the world, do a bit of writing and wean myself off my addiction to new Australian music.”

Alex got a bit emotional during the announcement this morn on Triple J, thanking the audience for being there while he literally experienced all his adult milestones – unsurprising considering he’s been on the airwaves since he was a fresh-faced 18-year-old.
It’s been a wild ride for the ratdogs. We salute ’em, and we’ll miss them dearly. Both blokes have been great mates to PEDESTRIAN.TV – ahem – and we wish them well for the future.
Triple J tell us to stay tuned for the announcement on who’ll be taking over the much-coveted Breakfast spot in the future.
Source: Triple J.
Photo: Matt & Alex.