Sweat, Butts, And Peking Duck: The ‘Matt And Alex-ercise’ Music Video Is Here

Because there’s never going to be any amount of footage of Matt Okine and Alex Dyson sweating and gyrating in tiny shorts that will come close to being enough, we now have the glory of this to behold.

Triple J‘s breakfast duo held their Matt & Alex-ercise show this morning, pumping out three solid hours of workout bangers to tighten those triceps, pump those pecs, and grind those glutes to.
Though radio being the audio-only medium that it is, we didn’t get to cop a glimpse as to what exactly was going on inside the studios whilst it was happening.
Fortunately for all of us, and thanks to the internet and all its associated majesty, we now have this. A Peking Duck and Joyride-soundtracked sweaty video full of pumping, straining, spinning, flexing, and Matt Okine’s taint.

Now that’s a hard day’s work if we’ve ever seen one. Pack ‘er up, boys.