Tiktok user Beck Lomas has just uploaded a step by step guide on how to travel overseas during the COVID pandemic and let’s just say this – it ain’t easy.

The influencer from Melbourne recently travelled to Singapore where Australia currently has a travel bubble arrangement. This means those arriving in the South East Asian nation don’t need to quarantine, except when awaiting test results.

It’s worth noting that compared to other countries, Singapore has more hoops to jump through than Cirque du Soleil. If you’re looking for a less stressy process, countries like the US could be a better option for you.

The explainer begins with some footage of the international travel portal on her computer screen showing that all the necessary paperwork has been filled in.


What its like to travel overseas from Australia at the moment #travel #overseas

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In total there are seven different forms on the list including COVID insurance, a pre-travel test certification, an arrival test confirmed booking, and an international vaccination certificate. It is truly the stuff of nightmares for people who get the ick from admin.

Lomas says in her commentary that “if you got to the airport and one of (the forms) wasn’t done, you would basically get turned away and I saw a LOT of people get turned away”. Brutal.

The next frame depicts Lomas’ documents in an online share drive that she says she also printed out in hard copy. If you count them all up, there are at least another 18 documents on this page…

Remember when holiday planning used to be about picking which tourist attractions you wanted to visit instead of collating a textbook worth of official documents? Nah me neither.

One highlight (or lowlight, depending on how much you enjoy a COVID test) is Lomas explaining the COVID testing schedule. This included a rapid test at the airport in Australia, a PCR test after arriving in Singapore and again on days three and seven, plus another set of rapid tests on days two, four, five and six. I’m pretty sure that makes eight total tests but don’t quote me, I never did well in maths.

As you would expect, the comments section has a lot of feelings regarding how extensive this process is.

All in all, Singapore might be one of Australia’s closest geographical neighbours but that doesn’t mean the process of getting there is any easier.

Despite this, round trip flights from Melbourne currently going for less than $500 – which might spark a little wanderlust for some would-be travellers.

Safe travels, gang!