These Aussie Influencers Claim They Got Jobs & Free Overseas Flights ‘Cos Of Pretty Privilege

Two Aussie OnlyFans influencers have claimed their pretty privilege has gotten them free overseas flights and jobs, which is a bit of a slay.

Sam Parks and fellow influencer Anita Cassin shared the details on the Shadow Banned podcast, which is hosted by Aussie YouTuber Jackson O’Doherty.

“It’s [pretty privilege] definitely a girl thing as well,” Cassin said. “I literally feel like I’ve gotten job roles in life that I shouldn’t have gotten.”

Parks then revealed she’s never paid for an overseas trip due to her pretty privilege, with Cassin adding that the OnlyFans star gets “flown out quite a bit.”

@shadowbannedclips Is pretty privilege a harsh reality or just an illusion? 🤔 #ShadowBanned #Podcast #PrettyPrivilege ♬ original sound – ShadowBanned

And if you have a quick snoop through Parks’ Instagram, you’ll see she does travel outside of Australia a fair bit, which probably costs heaps of moolah.

Although it initially sounds luxe to be flown out because of pretty privilege, Parks went on to reveal that some of the people who do pay for her trips are”tight” so she usually flies in economy, but she is still “grateful” for the free trips.

Things took a gross turn when O’Doherty replied: “Girls, if you’re watching, just get pretty. Don’t fucking complain.”

UGH, ICKY. At least Parks was quick to call it out and told the bloke what he said was “mean”.

He then doubled down on his foul comments and said: “It’s not that hard … jump on a treadmill, eat healthy, sleep well, get work done if you need it.” And that’s when I stopped listening. Delete the convo, pls!

Honestly, when girlies take advantage of their pretty privilege, I’m so for it. Like, yass girl, get that bag you deserve. But then you get random comments from people like O’Doherty and it’s a major turn-off.

I love seeing my pretty friends thrive with their privilege, but when people chuck in their problematic two cents (*cough* O’Doherty *cough*) about the topic, it can be really hurtful for those who may not relate or fit into society’s beauty standards.