A NZ Green MP Cycled Herself To Hospital While In Labour & I Ate 1L Of Ice Cream Last Night

A mother riding a bike to have her baby at the hospital

A member of New Zealand parliament rode her bicycle to hospital DURING LABOUR at 2am in the GODDAM MORNING to give birth to her second child.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Let’s all just take a few deep breathes and let that sink in before we get into the deets.

Julie Anne Genter is a sitting representative for the NZ Green party.

While a common criticism of politicians is that they talk the talk but don’t walk the walk, Genter has bucked the trend by cycling the cycle.

The MP took to Instagram to announce the news to her followers.

“At 3.04am this morning we welcomed the newest member of our family.

“I genuinely wasn’t planning to cycle in labour, but it did end up happening.

“My contractions weren’t that bad when we left at 2am to go to the hospital – though they were 2-3 min apart and picking up in intensity by the time we arrived 10 minutes later.”

Moreover, this isn’t even the first time she has done this. Back in 2018, Genter biked to the hospital to give birth to her first born child.

According to the NZ Herald, the MP has been a “vocal advocate for safer streets” for cycling and for bike riding as a widespread transport method”.

Clearly the pursuit of cutting carbon emissions doesn’t stop, even when there’s a baby on the way.

Despite not making things easier for herself en route to the hospital, Genter confirmed that the new bubba arrived safely into this world.

“Feeling blessed to have had excellent care and support from a great team, in what turned out to be a very fast (and happily uncomplicated) birth.”

How bloody wholesome is that?

New Zealand has been praised in the past for bridging the gap between maternity and public office. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern famously breast fed her baby at a United Nations meeting.

Despite the happy news, Twitter user Luke Fitzmaurice raised an important logistical question in relation to the early morning commute.

I guess no news story is ever perfect.