Jacinda Ardern Replied To An IG Vid That Asked When Locked Down Kiwis Can Be Root Rats Again

In a win for dick-joke diplomacy, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has dropped a response to comedian Chris Parker’s latest skit — in which he asked when locked down Kiwis can root again.

Parker, who currently sits at 84k on Insta and 60k on TikTok posted a sketch last night in which he pretends to be a journo at one of Jacinda Ardern’s COVID press conferences.

“I just had one quick question that I felt like wasn’t addressed at all and hasn’t been addressed but is sort of the big … elephant in the room,” establishes Parker.

“When can we go out and just fuck someone we don’t know … do we need to show a little vaccine certificate?” he queries.

The clip gets progressively spicier, with Parker eventually ending the quippy cross-examination with what’s the deal with like, orgy situations … is there some kind of scan-in system?”

Unbelievably, the saucy video (which Parker released as both a Reel and a TikTok) actually prompted a response from the PM herself on Insta.

Taking a break from her busy schedule, the PM elected to drop a modest “embarrassed face” emoji.

Instead of getting starstruck, Parker remained in character and persisted with his line of questioning. Just like any good fake journalist would.

Dropping three skull emojis, he then asked “….. ok but what are the rules?”

Parker has become a voice of the people since Auckland went into lockdown in late August, nearly 100 days ago. An all too familiar sitch for Sydney and Melbourne peeps.

Especially early on in the lockdown, his relatable and witty videos spoke to many bummed out Aucklanders, allowing him to double his follower counts across platforms.

Admired for his heartfelt sass around the country, Parker recently won Celebrity Treasure Island which is essentially Survivor, but everyone says “fush and chups”.

His win on the show allowed him to donate $100,000 to his chosen charity, Rainbow Youth, which supports LGBTQ+ Kiwis. We love to see it!