A New Zealand Minister Accidentally Told People To ‘Spread Their Legs’ Outside & Mmm, Yes Sir

New Zealand Spread Your Legs 3

In Aotearoa, also known as New Zealand, the COVID-19 Response Minister had a very naughty slip of the tongue on live TV during a COVID presser, and suddenly I am extremely invested in the country’s COVID advice.

In NZ’s 1pm daily COVID update, NZ Minister Chris Hipkins was discussing being COVID safe outside when he accidentally implied that everyone was, how you say, fuckin’ in the streets.

“It is a challenge for people in high density areas to get outside and spread their legs when they are surrounded by other people,” he said when encouraging COVID safe exercise. Ummm, what is going on inside that head, Minister???


Director general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield was at the podium when Hipkins  slipped out those naughty words, and his eyebrows shot halfway up his forehead as Hipkins stuttered for approximately five years before giving up and just continuing his address.

And of course, in come the TikToks immortalising this incredible moment. My fave is this one, because I have never seen an audio so suited to a moment in my life.


Minister Hipkins and Dr Bloomfield are my heroes #onlyinnewzealand #covidupdate #ohno

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Hipkins did actually acknowledge his naughty little slip up, ending his speech saying he would go and “stretch his legs” and that the media “would all have fun with him later”.

I’m definitely having fun, that’s for sure. But so was everyone in New Zealand, who actually got #spreadyourlegs trending on Twitter while joking about spreading their legs to save the country.

What a lovely and wholesome national meme to bring people together.

Meanwhile in Australia, a Labor member shouted “bullshit” at our Prime Minister for literally running away from question time. Oh, and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian just told us to get used to COVID deaths if we want things to open up. Sigh. So positive and uniting, am I right?