Nuggets Of Wisdom From Someone Who Makes A Living From Social Media

Produced in association with our mates at Macleay College. 

No, it’s not Tom from MySpace. He’s too busy being sassy AF on social media. 

Instead we spoke to another Tom – Tom Ragg, specifically – who hit pause on his “sensible” career in journalism to head BAK 2 SKOOL at Macleay College and subsequently enter the magical world of Advertising. He is now Social Media Strategist at SOAP CREATIVE and has since experienced a career highlight: being able to work on a huge Avengers campaign/satisfy his inner “comic book nerd” in the line of duty.

Tom filled out a short questionnaire as part of our ‘TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS‘ series and was kind enough to share some digestible insights for anyone with their career on the brain. 

For more info on the range of college courses – or for the one Tom studied – head HERE.