NSW Labor Wants To Stop Landlords From Banning Pets In Rentals For No Reason & It’s About Fkn Time

Screen grab from Carly Rae Jepsen's music video for Now That I Found You in relation to NSW Labor proposing pet-friendly rental law reform

In truly pawsome news for you and your animal amigo, NSW Labor is promising to introduce pet-friendly rental laws if it wins the state election in March.

I do not live in NSW but you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m letting out my biggest meow ever. I’ll even chuck a woof in there while I’m at it. Maybe a squawk if you’re more of a bird person.

Per The Daily Telegraph, NSW Labor said if elected, it will introduce rules which landlords must adhere to when responding to a renter’s request for a pet.

There’s something extremely off about being a literal adult who is capable of living independently and having to ask a stranger for permission to own, like, an iguana. I’m getting flashbacks to when I was six-years-old and begged Mum for Sea-Monkeys.

But alas, I digress. Landlords will have 21 days to tell their tenant whether it’s a yay or a nay on the pet front which, if I’m being frank, sounds like a long time. How much time does one need to ponder a poodle, after all? They are simply furry little friends.

If the landlord doesn’t give an answer within that 21-day period, their tenant’s pet request will automatically get approved.

Given how long it takes landlords to respond to maintenance issues, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that loads of them will just ignore the pet request, and then it’ll be granted. A rare moment when a round of applause for lazy landlords is warranted. Appawse, if you will.

However, I’m sure there’ll also be losers who will jump at the request to deny a renter’s pet request. Some real sadists will probably even wait until day 20 to deliver the bad news.

Another change NSW Labor will implement is that landlords will need to give you a reason if they reject your pet request. At the moment, they’re allowed to whack blanket “no pets” clauses in your lease, which basically means they can refuse your requests for a pet for no reason.

Per news.com.au, the prescribed reasons will be laid out by a Rental Commissioner, which will be established if NSW Labor wins the election.

If the topic of pet-friendly rental laws sounds familiar, last November the NSW Government launched a survey asking people whether it should be easier for tenants to keep a wee companion. As of yet, there have been no commitments to implement reforms.

The NSW state election is coming up on Saturday, March 25 so you have a few months to decide whether, you know, renters should be allowed to keep pets. Godspeed.