NSW Bans Vaping In Public Places With $550 Fine To Anyone Caught Puffin’

Bad news (or not) NSW, vaping in public is now kapoot after parliament passed the laws on Wednesday night.

NSW is the latest state to enforce the ban joining Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and the ACT.

This means you could get fined up to $550 big ones if you get caught chuffin’ on a vape.

Goodbye vaping-streak snaps.

Beginning officially in July, vaping will no longer be allowed in shopping centres, cinemas, public swimming pools, outdoor dining areas, sporting grounds and near children playgrounds. Vaping will also be barred from public transport and stations. If you have trouble remembering that, just apply the already existing no-smoking-in-public rules and you’re good to go.

The ban comes about as Health Minister Brad Hazzard wishes to protect bystanders from vapour exposure in public places.

The Guardian reports that even though the e-cigarettes have no illegal nicotine in the e-liquid, there are other potential health risks because vapours can contain harmful chemicals, toxins, and metals.

NSW’s chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant told The Guardian that some of these substances like formaldehyde are linked to cancer.

Calls to ban e-cigarettes in the state begun last year in November with the state’s Cancer Council, Council on Smoking Health, and the Heart Foundation urging the Government to pass the law.

The Heart Foundation also argued banning the e-cigarette would help non-smokers maintain their ground as e-cigarettes hold many similar characteristics to the original.

E-cigarettes have grown in popularity in recent years as a cheaper alternative to the traditional cigarette. Initially as no research studies was published, e-cigarettes were believed to not contain any harmful chemicals.

The new law will also make retailers declare their stash of e-cigarettes to NSW Health before they sell them.

Internationally, vaping is copping a lot of heat recently with Singapore banning the e-cigarette, New York looking to ban it indoors, and Florida proposing a ban as well.