After All That, Novak Is Reportedly Gonna Get COVID Jabbed, But His Reasons Are Petty As Fuck

novak djokovic covid vaccination

After all this fkn time, Novak Djokovic is reportedly going to go ahead and get his very first COVID-19 vaccination. However his alleged reasoning is very much giving petty bitch vibes, and you really just have to laugh.

Djokovic’s long-time biographer Daniel Muksch has appeared from the woodwork to tell everyone that his buddy Novax is finally biting the bullet and getting a jab. Of course, this is just a claim from someone close to the tennis player, but it could very well carry some truth to it.

“From what I have heard from those around him, I think he is getting vaccinated,” Muksch told Austria’s Servus TV.

“Maybe the final in Melbourne also contributed to that.

Rafael Nadal’s 21 is driving him, no question.”

Petty. Bitch. Areas.

You see, after winning the Australian Open, Rafael Nadal became the most successful men’s tennis player, with 21 major tournament wins under his belt.

Our good pal Novak only has 20, and with the 2022 French Open coming up soon, that could be his chance to catch up with his long-time rival. Thing is, the French Open has a strict double vax policy for all participants.

So obvs Novak would want to get vaxxed so he can participate, right?

It would seem like for Novak, this is all about tennis and not even about protecting himself from COVID. Dedicated and idiotic, a delicious cocktail.

Aussie Health Minister Greg Hunt was asked for his thoughts on Novak potentially getting vaxxed on Seven’s Sunrise, and unsurprisingly he said he was “delighted” to hear the tennis star had a change of heart.

“Look, I’m happy for anybody anywhere to be vaccinated and if in some small way as a country we have encouraged Novak or any other individual to do that then that’s great,” he said.

“But you know what’s much more important? I think that will encourage more people who have been hesitant to be vaccinated and that would be the real win out of this.

“I hadn’t heard that. I’m delighted if that is the case.

“But to everybody, doesn’t matter where you are, whether you are overseas or in Australia, first dose, second dose, booster, everything you are eligible for, it will help protect you. Please come forward.”

Well, there you have it folks, some kind of resolution to this messy, messy saga.