Nimbin Takes One For ’Straya, Puts Hand Up To Be Our Official Weed Farmers

The oft-visited northern New South Wales town known as Nimbin has been the nation’s Home Of Hemp, the Capital Of Cannabis, the Birthplace Of Blunts since time immemorial.
A solid 80% of its residents love nothing more than rolling a huge fucking blunt, lighting up and contemplating life’s big questions, like ‘Are my dreads too tight, or am my tights too dread?’

Now they’re hellbent on doing their country a service, as the government looks for the perfect place to the good people of Nimbin are raising their hands to be the Federal Government‘s guinea pigs as it moves towards legalising marijuana growing for medical or scientific purposes.
Yep, they want their years of experience as stoners to translate into a official gig as our fair nation’s first-ever ‘weed bowl’ i.e. the government’s chosen farming location for the Devil‘s lettuce.
Hemp Party president, Michael Balderstone, reckons it’s a bloody good employment opportunity for Nimbin’s finest dole bludger stoners:
“Hemployment, it’s always been you know, a word we’ve had for ages came out of Nimbin, I think. And all of the pot smoking dole bludgers, here’s the opportunity for everybody, because there is a lot of long-term unemployed people who probably smoke pot and can’t handle society, you know, they’ve got an amazing expertise now after four or five decades really, it would be ridiculous to ignore it.”


We’re with Mike: may aswell make that shit official, man.
Via ABC.