Nicki Minaj Just Spent Her Saturday Night Paying Her Fans’ Tuition Fees

As though it wasn’t enough to be an inspirational genius force-to-be-reckoned-with hip-hop superstar and bad-ass business woman, the heroic Nicki Minaj just spent several hours fielding requests from her fans on Twitter for financial help – and making good on them. 
It all started when a fan tweeted at her about a competition she’s running, where the prize is accompanying her to the Billboard Music Awards or hanging with her in the studio (pretty damn good already IMHO). 
After Minaj tweeted this little brag about having the cash to fly anyone out from anywhere…

They responded:

And ya girl was game:

Nicki has always been vocal about the importance of a good education, and she did not miss the opportunity to prove how much she cares about her fans’ futures. 
Just look at this uplifting bullshit:
And student loans?!
What a lady. What a hero. What a time to be alive.

Long may she reign.
Source: Twitter.
Image: Nicki Minaj.