NICE: The AEC Copped Almost 40K New Enrolments Ahead Of SSM Vote

We all know that the upcoming postal vote survey on same-sex marriage is extremely important in the fight to achieve marriage equality. One of the main aspects that campaigners have prioritised is making sure that everyone can receive a ballot and register a vote, by pushing for people to get their shit together and either enrol or update their address details.

And it seems like the push is working, with the Australian Electoral Commission announcing that the electoral roll increased by over 30k people between the 8th and 20th of August, as well as registering over 4ook updates, a lot of which are probably people fixing address details. NICE.

This announcement is good news for the yes side, as it is likely that a good chunk of the new enrolments and address changes are young people, and young people are statistically more likely to vote yes, as evident in the latest Newspoll.

If you haven’t checked your own details, hopefully this will inspire you to join in on the rush to get rights for your LBGTQI fam. But you better make it snappy.

The cutoff date for enrolment and updates is August 24, ahead of voting in September. That means that you only have three days left to make sure you are counted in this historical moment. It is no time to be complacent.

Go here to check your enrolment, and to make sure your address details are right. It will literally take you minutes out of your life, and your involvement could make a huge difference for queer people around the country.