The Important Reason Your Social Media Feeds Will Look Different Today

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Never before have Australia’s leading youth publishers joined forces to make an almighty noise about a singular issue. But marriage equality is perhaps the most important social fight we’ve faced in the last decade, so we’re doing just that.

From 5pm to 8pm on Wednesday, August 23, PEDESTRIAN.TV, Broadsheet, VICE, Junkee and FBi Radio will turn dark – that means we’re blacking out our respective social channels and sites to make it very clear the time is now for you, the youth of Australia, to take action and enrol or update your details for the upcoming postal vote on marriage equality.

The Australian Electoral Commission’s deadline to enrol for this vote is midnight on Thursday, August 24, so we’re down to the wire on this one. And if you think most people have already done their bit, you’d be wrong; according to the AEC, more than half a million people between the ages of 18 and 39 aren’t even on the electoral roll. This is alarming, for obvious reasons.

So, please – take the time you’d otherwise spend enjoying our content to make sure you’re in the best possible position to Vote Yes when the time comes. That means giving your family and friends a nudge, too, by sharing with them either this story or a link to the AEC.

Because granting our LGBTQIA friends the basic human rights they’ve been denied for far too long is in your hands.


PEDESTRIAN.TV, Junkee, Broadsheet, FBi Radio & VICE


Enrol to vote HERE.


Update your details HERE.


Give the Australian Bureau of Statistics a buzz on 1800 572 113. An operator can confirm your enrolment and postage address over the phone. If you’re overseas, you can still call the ABS on +61 2 6252 5262.