A Newtown filmmaker is boycotting the Tropfest short film festival because there is just “no way” he’s going to travel out to Parramatta for it.

Adam St John, who runs the Newtown Saint Media Group, told the Daily Telegraph that its new Parramatta home, announced on Monday, was simply too far away and a betrayal of Tropfest’s inner city roots. 

“There is no way I’m going to hop on the train and go to the middle of nowhere for it,” he said. “I won’t go to Parramatta, no way. Why would you put something that was so famous into an area where no filmmakers are based?”

St John says this is another instance of Tropfest being “all about money” and reckons he is not alone in his decision to boycott, warning that “countless” other inner city artists likely to follow suit.

“Everyone is based in the inner city and that’s the place they should be looking to support the emerging artists,”
he said.

Everyone from Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore to Tropfest’s founder John Polson have supported the move, but not Newtown Filmmaker Bravely Boycotts Tropfest’s New “Middle Of Nowhere” Homethis Newtown Filmmaker Bravely Boycotts Tropfest’s New “Middle Of Nowhere” Homeguy.

Nevermind that Parramatta has a population of 20,000, an emerging arts scene, and is basically the second CBD of Sydney. Sorry guys. It’s not enough. When you get a few more artists and one trillion more cockroaches, then we can talk film festivals.

Source: Daily Telegraph.

Photo: Facebook / Adam St John.