Bringing home the bacon at this year’s Tropfest offshoot—TropVine, where filmmakers are challenged to cram a story or sight gag in six seconds or less—is, of all things, a Dad joke. 

A fairly great Dad joke, as far as the genre is concerned – and matched with animation that brings back memories of 2011‘s Tropfest-winning film, Animal Beatbox (trivia: Animal Beatbox was created by Damon Gameau, who has now gone on to direct That Sugar Film, Australia’s second-highest grossing documentary).

Filmmaker Claudia Pickering took home $5000 for her entry, AKA the fastest 5K ever made:


But let’s be real here, folks. Credit where credit’s due; but does Pickering’s award-winning entry *really* compare to our very own handiwork on Vine?

Not even close, m8.