‘Netflix & Chill’ Condoms Now Exist, Signify Shark-Jump Of Iconic Meme

Due to the fact that ~*memes will be memes*~ and there’s some entrepreneurial fuckers out there in the world, ‘Netflix & Chill’ condoms are now a thing. 

The dudes who thought of it first (and actually went ahead and did it) are self-proclaimed ‘poor college students from UT Austin‘ in Texas, and the surprisingly tasteful website for the NF&C frangers might be one of the best things we’ve seen in a while. 
The description of their product is too beautiful to paraphrase, so here’s a screenshot instead :’)
And they did not fuck around with the reviews either:
Right now they’re only boosting latex throughout the US, but there’s totally websites that allow you to print whatever you damn well please onto condom wrappers, in case any Aussie Netflix & Chill fans were thinking of starting their own rubber enterprise. 
GO ON, be a part of the ~~!MeMe rEnAiSsAnCe!~~.