Mamma Mia, It’s Happening Again: Someone Found A Needle In Their Supermarket Garlic Bread

It’s happening again, a Perth woman has claimed she found a needle in a loaf of garlic bread and provided some very iPhone 8 energy photos to prove it.

The woman, only identified as ‘Janelle‘ has claimed her partner chipped his tooth on a sewing needle that was embedded in a loaf of garlic bread. The garlic bread in question was purchased from a local Woolworths in Perth.

Janelle shared the photos with Perth Now, after she didn’t get a “satisfactory response” from Woolworths and garlic bread producers Goodman Fielder.

It’s been a peaceful couple of needle-free years for shoppers, with the strawberry needle saga of 2018 firmly behind us. But if Janelle’s account is anything to go by those needle-free days may just be over.

The La Famiglia brand garlic bread is manufactured by Goodman Fielder, who has since confirmed it is undertaking a “thorough investigation” into the claims.

Janelle claimed she purchased the product from the Woolworths at the Stirling Central shopping centre in Perth’s north two weeks before needle-gate.

She also outlined that the needle was only discovered after the bread was cooked. Which makes sense, I mean who’s tearing into an uncooked garlic loaf?

Pictures of the cooked loaf show what seems to be a needle sticking out of the bread.


“Nothing has been done — no recall, no callback, no nothing,” she told Perth Now.

“My partner bit down on this and cracked his tooth, not to mention this could kill someone if they swallowed it.”

As someone who counts garlic bread as one of their primary food groups, I’m a little rattled by this one.

Goodman Fielder allegedly tried to compensate Janelle with a $10 Woolworths gift card, which in this economy would be lucky to cover the cost of the original loaf.

A statement from Goodman Fielder to said it is investigating the incident but is “not aware of any other incidents of this nature”. Thank fuck for that, honestly.

Woolworths told the chain would be happy to follow up again with the customer.

“We know this would have been very concerning for the customer,” a spokesperson said.

“We understand that they have reached out to the supplier directly as this is not a Woolworths product.”

Way to get outta that one Woolies.