Very Unwelcome Needles Popping Up In Aussie Strawberries Have Prompted A Recall

Shoppers are finding sewing needles embedded in their Woolworths strawberries, sparking east coast authorities to urge us all to immediately bin any yummo strawbs you may have purchased since the beginning of last week, as the ABC reports.

I don’t care how much you love strawberries – if you’re still hoarding some which you bought in Queensland, NSW or Victoria in the back of your fridge as a delicious snek, we/the Queensland chief health officer Dr. Jeanette Young strongly advise you to hoick or return ’em, so you don’t hurt your fine self.

The needles have been found in two brands of strawberries, ‘Berry Obsession‘ and ‘Berry Licious‘, grown at the same farm in southeast Queensland, and sold across the east coast by Woolworths. It is not known what other stores they may be distributed to. Three incidents – one in Queensland, and two in Victoria – have so far been reported to police.

A 21-year-old Brisbane man ate one of the strawberries, his friend posting the below to Facebook on Sunday, writing that they had to take the man to the ER to treat severe abdominal pain.

The injured man told The Courier Mail that he is “in shock“: “When I bit into one I felt like a sharp snap and my knee jerk reaction was to swallow and what was left was half a sewing needle.”

The Queensland Acting Chief Superintendent Terry Lawrence reckon the needles were inserted into the strawberries deliberately with intent “to injure somebody“.

The cops have launched an east coast investigation into the issue, including speaking to the operator of the farm.

They’re also already working with retailers to have the contaminated stock removed from sale, and are asking regular joes who find the tainted fruit to contact Policelink for further advice on 131 444. And if you’ve eaten a needle speak to your doc or call 13 HEALTH.

Dr. Young said strawberries bought from tomorrow are “safe“, as are “any strawberries that you are certain are not the brands Berry Licious and Berry Obsession“.

While it’s reasonably likely strawberries bought early last week would be gross as hell by now, if you’re one of those people who freezes ’em, or if you just don’t know what the brand is, be extremely cautious (CHUCK ‘EM PLEASE).

As Dr. Young says: “If you are in doubt, just throw them out.”

But she would like you to know there is no need to panic or give up what was once the goodest fruit: “I love strawberries, there is no reason to stop eating strawberries, we just need to be aware of this incident.”

A Woolies spokesperson said they’ll be refunding customers who bought the strawberries: “Customers are advised to return these products to their local Woolworths for a full refund.”