In More Recall News, A Popular Beer Has Been Pulled From Shelves For Having… Too Much Alcohol

smithy's dry lager recall alcohol
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

In what might the busiest week for food and drink regulators across Australia, a popular beer brand has now been forced to recall several products. This comes after plant milk brand Inside Out was also forced to recall three separate one-litre varieties.

Various sizes of Smithy’s Dry Lager available for purchase in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania have been temporarily removed from shelves and customers have been encouraged to seek refunds for their purchases.

The recall is due to the alcohol content listed on the packaging being under-declared. This essentially means that there’s more alcohol in the drink than the label states.

The following varieties with a best-before date of January 25 2024 are being recalled:

  • Smithy’s Dry Lager 330ml bottle
  • Smithy’s Dry Lager 6 x 330ml pack
  • Smithy’s Dry Lager 24 x 330ml carton

The beers were available for purchase at Liquorland, Liquorland Online, First Choice Liquor Market, First Choice Liquor Market Online and Coles Online per 9News.

So why might this be an issue? Doesn’t this get you more bang for your buck?

In an absolute worst-case, hypothetical scenario, imagine you’re driving home after a few beers.

When you bought them at the shop, you thought were regular strength and they turned out to be the ale incarnation of 1980s Arnold Schwarzenegger. That is, very strong.

You get breathalysed by highway patrol and the next minute you’ve copped a hefty fine, a few demerit points and perhaps even a drink driving charge.

Not a great night out by any stretch of the imagination. Let’s try and avoid that, shall we?

Personally, I reckon all dry beers taste a little bit like stale burps.

However, if you are one of those people that enjoy brews containing little to no residual sugar and therefore flavour, perhaps suss out a refund.

More information about the recall can be accessed via the Food Standards’ website here.

Coles online customers can receive a full refund or credit by contacting Liquorland (1300 300 640), First Choice Liquor Market (1300 308 833) or Coles Online (1800 455 400) per 7News.