Incredible news, fellow southeast Queensland-ites: the Mt Stapylton radar is back up and we no longer have to live like filthy animals and use the dreaded Marburg rain radar.

After 16 bleak days, those of us keeping a watchful eye on the Bureau of Meteorology website for any sign that a swiftly incoming storm could be used as an excuse to leave work early can finally return to casting our gaze on the beautiful, handsome radar at Mt Stapylton, rather than the awful, loathsome radar at Marburg.

Mt Stapylton was taken offline on February 23rd to “address incomplete radar scans and related outages“, part of a spate of problems they had been having with the radar following an upgrade around mid-2017. According to the ABC, BoM had said that the German manufacturer was required to return to fix an issue with the device.

This long, painful outage was not the first time this year we were forced to rely on the bastard radar Marburg, with a possible lightning strike taking Mt Stapylton offline a few weeks prior. The poor weather robot (technical term) was also struck by lightning on Christmas Day last year.

Unlike its vastly superior cousin, Mt Stapylton, Marburg is unable to show radar information at the more detailed 64km scale and is also unable to plot historical rainfall data. For shame.

Hopefully, this means the problem is fixed once and for all and we will never have to again debase ourselves with the wretched Marburg radar.

Image: Bureau of Meteorology