Most Severe Bushfire Threat Since Black Saturday Hits Melbourne’s Outskirts

Properties have been lost as Victoria battles against the worst bushfires it has seen since Black Saturday back in 2009.

A fast-running grassfire threatens to burn out of control in Melbourne’s northeast, with 12 emergency warnings in effect for areas in Melbourne’s northern fringes. Evacuation orders are also in place for some areas in East Gippsland. For a full list of warnings visit

A prolonged heatwave coupled with a cool change have brought dry and windy conditions to the state, which now has more than 1100 firefighters working to try and contain the blaze. Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley has urged all Victorians, especially those in extreme fire danger, to make sure their bushfire plan is ready to be activated at a moments notice.

According to the ABC, thousands of Victorians are now without power. The Red Cross says that help is being offered at numerous relief centres on Melbourne’s outskirts.

Photo: Brett Hemmings via Getty