Model Claims Justin Bieber Blamed Her Alleged Drink Spike On ‘Bieber Fever’

On Monday, The Daily Telegraph posted an article about young model Bailey Scarlett, who claimed that she had her drink spiked at a private party with Justin Bieber in Melbourne on Sunday night. 

While the police have confirmed that Scarlett has not filed a report of any kind, they confirmed that they attended to a report of woman having her drink spiked at a party in Cremorne
Scarlett posted this on Facebook, but has since taken the post down as she has been advised by legal counsel not to speak on the matter. 
She appeared tonight on A Current Affair, saying that she was ‘left in a gutter’, and her ‘body was convulsing’ when her boyfriend came to rescue her. 
She said she poured herself a weak vodka lemonade, but started feeling strange after her third drink. She said she didn’t believe it was Bieber himself, but his entourage that spiked her drink. 

She says that Bieber was concerned and came over to her, and told other people to leave the room. They carried her to the bathroom, but then members of his entourage started accusing her of faking it. 
She said that Justin then turned on her, agreeing that she was faking it, and allegedly joking to his entourage that she was suffering from ‘Bieber Fever’. He also told her that she was just having a panic attack, a claim which Scarlett refutes, saying she has previously experienced an anxiety attack and that was not what happened.
Her and her boyfriend claim that two separate medical groups refused to test her for drink-spiking – which is widely being questioned – but she is ‘99% sure’ that her drink was indeed spiked. 

According to The Daily Tele, another attendee at the party, Pily Vargas, said: “She was trying to get Bieber’s attention all night, trying to take his hat.
He wanted his hat back and she thought he was high-fiving her. Straight after that she started having this panic attack.”

via ACA/Daily Tele.