Missus Of Putin Adviser Does Fkd Holocaust Routine In TV Ice Skating Comp

There’s a particular reality television show currently airing in Russia, it roughly translates to ‘Ice Age‘, and it will sort of remind you of ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Except in Russian… and on ice. 
And it’s also much, much weirder. For example, rather than doing like a ‘Sound of Music‘ routine or ‘the tango’, these contestants choose ‘the Holocaust’ as the theme for their performance. 
And even weirder is, yep, that’s the wife of one of Vladmir Putin‘s closest aides, all dressed up in the striped outfit – that Jewish people were forced to wear in concentration camps as they were killed, starved, tortured – complete with a gold Star of David on the pocket. Not inappropriate at all, right?
Tatiana Navka, an Olympic figure skating champion, is the wife of Dmitry Peskov, who has been Putin‘s press secretary since 2012. 
She performed with actor Andrey Burkoskiy, and they did a routine portraying two Jewish prisoners in a concentration camp. They skated to ‘Beautiful That Way‘, a song that became popular from its inclusion in Oscar-winning Holocaust film ‘Life Is Beautiful‘. 
Navka posted a collage of images from the performance to her Instagram account, saying that it’s necessary to explain the Holocaust to children:

“Necessary viewing! This is one of my favorite numbers! It is based on one of my favorite films ‘Life is Beautiful’ 

It’s necessary to explain this film to my own children. #iceage … 

PS our children should know and remember this strange time, and God grant that they will never experience it themselves.” 
(translated from Russian)
Watch below:
People were absolutely dumbfounded by the performance, including comedian Sarah Silverman, who is Jewish:

We are speechless. We are without speech. Yowza. 
Source: People.
Photo: Youtube.