Miranda Kerr Promoted A “Virus Protection” Book By A Guy Who Takes Advice From Angels

Miranda Kerr has promoted a psuedoscientific “virus protection” guide amid the coronavirus pandemic, and people are rightfully pissed off.

The book by Anthony William, a.k.a. the Medical Medium, claims that eating certain foods will protect against viruses, noting that eggs are “the number one food viruses like to feed on.”

“No matter what virus you want protection from, or which virus might be the hot topic in the media at any given time, all of the Medical Medium healing information can help protect you and your loved ones,” reads the book’s online description.


William’s schtick is that his health advice is supposedly informed by communication with the spiritual and angelic realms. He has no medical qualifications and no licence to practise medicine either. He simply communicates with angels in order to diagnose and heal people, he says.

He claims to have originated the celery juice fad, has written several bestselling books, and is a columnist for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop website.

Kerr’s followers absolutely slammed her in the comments, with many calling the advice “dangerous”.

“Completely irresponsible Miranda to share information from a man who gets his information from the dead (or God knows),” commented one person. “He is not a doctor.”

“Please don’t spread this kind of misinformation. You have a huge following – even though you might mean well, this is harmful advice,” said another.

Another commenter questioned Kerr’s choice of source: “You could be posting information from the WHO, CDC, NHS, or many other *highly respected and approved* organisations. But you chose this guy? Absolutely not OK.”

It is unclear if Kerr received payment for the post.