Margaret Court’s Church Reckons “The Blood Of Jesus” Will Protect Them From Coronavirus

Margaret Court

This week in ‘Good Ideas’, sub-category ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’, Margaret Court and her congregation have declared that they are safe from the coronavirus pandemic because the blood of Jesus will protect them.

The Victory Life Church released a statement to followers yesterday, saying that daily prayers and additional hand sanitiser are the only measures they’ll take to combat the rapidly-spreading disease. The statement read:

“Your health and safety is a top priority for us and we have taken a proactive approach to keep our church family health and safe. We are in agreement that this Convid-19 will not come near our dwelling or our church family. We are praying daily for you, knowing that we are all protected by the Blood of Jesus.”

It continued:

“For your convenience, hand sanitiser [is] readily available at all our sites. Our desire is for you to be informed and know that out heart is to protect and ensure the safety of all so we can continue to worship together, all [our services] will operate as per normal.”

Margaret Court founded the Victory Life Church in Perth in 1995, and she is currently the senior pastor there. The blood of Jesus is not known to have any effectiveness against coronavirus, but you can read the federal government’s latest advice and medical reports here.

Court recently made headlines when she used the church to establish a consulate for the east African nation of Burundi, whose government has been investigated for “crimes against humanity” and torturing gay people.