Michael Moore’s 5-Point Plan To Save America Cops 130K Shares In 10 Hours

Over 100,000 people have shared a Facebook post from Michael Moore following Donald Trump‘s election in less than eight hours.

In it, the documentary filmmaker outlines a ‘Morning After To-Do List‘. The five-point plan essentially calls for the deconstruction of the Democratic Party as it stands, the Democratic members of Congress to fight as hard against Republicans as they did against President Obama, the public to stop saying they’re “shocked” by this outcome, and for a dismantling of the Electoral College, the arcane system that meant Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the election.

“The MAJORITY of our fellow Americans preferred Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump,” he wrote. “Period. Fact. If you woke up this morning thinking you live in an effed-up country, you don’t. The majority of your fellow Americans wanted Hillary, not Trump. The only reason he’s president is because of an arcane, insane 18th-century idea called the Electoral College. Until we change that, we’ll continue to have presidents we didn’t elect and didn’t want. ”

Oh – and to fire all “pundits, predictors, pollsters and anyone else in the media” who refused to let go of the narrative that Trump wasn’t a possibility. Fair enough.

Moore was one of the very, very few who predicted Trump’s victory. In a blog post shortly after Trump secured the Republican nomination, he wrote:

“I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I gave it to you straight last summer when I told you that Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee for president. And now I have even more awful, depressing news for you: Donald J. Trump is going to win in November. This wretched, ignorant, dangerous part-time clown and full time sociopath is going to be our next president. President Trump. Go ahead and say the words, ‘cause you’ll be saying them for the next four years: “PRESIDENT TRUMP.”

In the end, Moore was proven right. He predicted that Trump would focus his efforts on the traditionally democratic states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin that feel abandoned by Washington, and low-and-behold, three out of those four voted for Trump (Michigan is right now too close to call).

Here’s what Moore says about what comes next:

Photo: Getty / Jemal Countess.