In One Fell Swoop, This Nats MP Managed The Dumbest Post On Black Lives Matter & Abortion

Imagine being a politician and representing your constituents by spewing anti-Black Lives Matter, anti-abortion shit on your official Facebook page.

Turns out, that’s exactly what NSW Nationals MP Michael Johnsen decided to do yesterday arvo, and now voters are calling for him to step down.

“I wonder….. How many NSW BLM protestors also protested in favour of full term abortion?” he wrote.

“The irony…..”

The collective response from everyone else was: what irony? Black lives do matter, and women have the right to control their own bodies. Nothing about this is contradictory or ironic, Michael. Also, there’s not really any such thing as a “full term abortion”.

In the comments, voters let him now just how much of a pisstake his pathetic beliefs actually are.

“The hot take none of us asked for, yet we received anyway,” wrote one person. “I wish it wasn’t too late to abort you.”

“Yeah It’s almost kind of like we want equal right for POC but also women,” someone else added.

Another commenter simply tagged the group “Your entire political ideology is based on loudly not understanding things”.

“Comments like this from you and your parliamentary colleagues are the reason I quit the National Party. Comments like this are a disgrace,” said another person.

Aside from that, people just started spamming the comments with horses.

Apparently because he thought he had such a hot take on his hands, he also posted it to Twitter.

On a more serious note, Labor MP from the region Jenny Aitchinson told the ABC conflating the two issues was irresponsible, and is now calling for him to resign.

“I was totally disgusted and offended, I found that they were trying to provoke people about an issue that’s really sensitive in the community,” she said.

The call was backed by many commenters from the Hunter Region, which Johnsen represents in state parliament.

The consensus seems to be: delete your account, retire, and please, shut the fuck up.