Melbourne Students Got Naked As All Hell For A Fossil-Free Uni Today

This writer saw more than a few nudie runs when she was at uni, but some students at Melbourne University actually had a very good reason (that wasn’t “well, I am quite drunk“) for getting naked on a roof today. 
The student group ‘Fossil Free MU‘ staged a protest on the roof of the iconic Old Quad building on the uni grounds, and stripped off to reveal the message ‘DROP YOUR ASSETS’ on their butts. 
The protest, which protested the university’s investments in the fossil fuel industry, only lasted 10 minutes before the group were told to get down by security. 
The group are calling for their uni to free investments in coal, oil and gas companies, as well as phase out all investments in fossil fuels over a period of five years.
Protestor Aoife Nicklason told The Age that previous formal conversations with uni administrators had proven fruitless, so the group had hoped that this protest would make the school heed their message.

“We’re trying to be really brave and hopefully the university will also be brave.”
#ButtsAgainstFossilFuels? We love it. 

You can see more images, and read about Fossil Free MU’s campaign here:

Source: Fossil Free MU / The Age. 
All photos: Fossil Free MU / Facebook.