Someone At The MCG On Sunday Tested Positive For COVID-19, So Here’s What You Need To Know


Victorian Department of Health officials have announced that someone ho tested positive for COVID-19 attended the Collingwood vs Port Adelaide game at the MCG over the weekend, and now contact tracing is underway.

The person in question sat in Zone 4, Level 1 of the MCG, which consists of the front few rows of the stadium. People with a bay between M1 and M16 listed on their ticket will be contacted directly by the Department of Health with instructions to get tested and isolate for 14 days.

As for everyone else, health officials are asking visitors who were there on Sunday, May 23, to be extra vigilant for any COVID-19 symptoms. It’s currently being investigated if there are any other close contacts at the stadium.

People who sat in the circled seats will be contacted directly by the Victorian Department of Health. (Supplied)

“Further reviews of CCTV footage will be undertaken to determine if the advice to test and isolate will be broadened beyond these areas,” the Department of Health said in a statement.

“Some individuals with the closest contact to the positive case will be directly provided more specific advice from the Department of Health. Others attending the MCG not located in these areas will be advised to check for symptoms and be tested if any develop.”

Thankfully, because we know who bought what tickets, and because everyone’s been checking in with QR codes, contact tracing for the MCG is a lot more straightforward than it was this time last year.

“The AFL and the MCC have prepared for this situation in multiple simulations, with contact information linked to ticketing data and QR codes,” the Department of Health added.

“We are grateful for their contribution to Victoria’s public health response.”

You can find out where to get tested here.