Melbourne Legend Wins Halloween / 2015 With ‘Sailor Goon’ Costume

At least one person gave zero fucks that 90% of the Aussie population considers Halloween a non-event, and that person goes by the name of Suzanne (she’s keeping her last name under wraps for the purposes of gainful employment.)

Hailing from Melbourne, the artist went above and beyond reasonable expectations to NAIL her costume this year.
We give you, ~SAILOR GOON~:
We just… we can’t. 

The dress is made up of 13 goon bags, many of which were donated by Reddit users after she posted a call-out last Tuesday.

Aussies being the generous bunch of goon-chuggers that we are, offers of spare sacks came flooding in and Sailor Goon was born. 
“It’s held together with duct tape, safety pins and hot glue for the most part,” Suzanne told P.TV. “Originally, I wanted to have it rigged so that people could pour themselves a glass of cheap wine from my skirt, but it got too hard.”
The costume is still in tact after Saturday night’s shenanigans, and Suzanne is currently considering her next incarnation as Sailor Moon.
“Someone in a band that apparently sings about goon messaged me on Reddit to say they want to feature me in an upcoming music video so we’ll see.”
There is a God.
You can check out Suzanne’s blog HERE
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