Skint Melbourne Sesh Weapons Are Buying All Of The City’s Japanese Pre-Mixes

When it comes to electronics, ski mountains and national cuisine*, Japan does it better.

he knows it

D’you wanna know something else they’re better at than us ‘Strayans? Concocting alcoholic beverages that will take you from zero to screaming-your-dingus-off-to-TinaTurner‘s-We-Don’t-Need-Another-Hero real quick.

One of those aforementioned intoxicants is Suntory‘s Strong Zero.

It’s the stuff of legend in many corners of the internet, basically because it costs 100 yen at most convenience stores in Japan and as one passionate drinker describes, it has “an unbeatable sweet spot for cash to flavour to raw booze content.” Oh, and it gets you absolutely slizzard.

As any backpacker who has returned to Australia will attest, we just don’t have anything like it here. That’s why when Tokyo Hometown Japanese Supermarket in Melbourne‘s CBD announced they’d started stocking it, people went hog wild and bought the place out.

The supermarket, at 45 A’Beckett Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, posted on Facey informing all thirsty operators that they’d sold out of their latest shipment, thus alerting a whole new raft of skint drinkers to their whereabouts:

The post politely explained they’d sold out “in a flash” before assuring everyone that they’d “try our best to fulfill everyone [sic] STRONG Zero wishes (pray emoji)”.

It was inundated with almost three thousand comments, most of which involved young uni students declaring that the discovery marked “the best day ever”.

“Ready to black out?” read another.

It’s unclear at the moment when the supermarket will receive another shipment of the bev, but we pray for your wallets and enjoyment it’s soon.

*except Bunnings snags.