Strong Zero, Japan’s Cult Hoon Juice, Is Finally Launching In Australia With A Zesty New Name

strong zero double lemon australia

Prepare thine asses, livers, and ice-filled eskies, Strong Zero is officially launching in Australia at long last. No more will you have to sniff around those weird independent grog shops hoping for an expensive import of Japan’s finest hoon juice, it’s coming to us properly.

If you haven’t wrapped your laughing gear around a Strong Zero, it’s the equivalent of smacking yourself in the face with a bag of lemons. Well at least the lemon flavour is.You probably know someone who’s been to Japan and gotten absolutely feral on the Strong tins. It’s almost a rite of passage for anyone visiting.

This new -196 Double Lemon sounds like you’re doing that while also biting into a lemon, and punching another lemon in its lemon face.

It’s made a little differently to the OG Strongs, because it’s apparently made by flash freezing a whole lemon with liquid nitrogen (where it gets its -196 name from), then smashed to smithereens, soaked in alcohol, and then tinned. Just reading that has got me feeling like this.

The -196 Double Lemon is rounded out with shochu and soda, making it a tart yet sweet lemony beveragino.

The only real difference between the Aussie version and the original Japanese sipper is that our version is a little lower in alcohol. And by that I mean it’s 6% instead of the rocket fuel 9% tins. I mean 6% will still blow your head off and disintegrate the socks from your feet, without giving you a night filled with missing scenes.

Tins of the maximum citrus ratbag essence will set you back $22 for a four-pack and $47 for a 10-tin slab, and you’ll be able to find them in some independent grog shops from June (that’s this month, you beauty) and in the bigger bottle-o’s soon.