Nine Protestors Tied To A ‘Manure Loaded Truck’ Were Arrested For Storming The Melbourne Cup

melbourne cup protestors stormed gate manure truck

Protestors at the Melbourne Cup have stormed the gates of Flemington Racecourse, only to be swiftly apprehended by Victorian Police.

It’s no secret that the racing industry in Australia is built on animal cruelty, and no event showcases this more than the Melbourne Cup, where horses are often put down or placed under strenuous circumstances to prepare them for the race.

Hell, there’s even a hashtag about the whole mess: #NupToTheCup.

According to VICE reporter Julie Fenwick, who was at the scene, protestors with the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses gathered at the gates of the Melbourne Cup to storm them, while yelling the famous hashtag out loud.

Victorian Police apprehended a couple of protestors, and thanks to Fenwick, we have some intense images and videos of a bunch of people being arrested.

According to Victoria Police, nine people were arrested at the scene after eight protestors chained themselves to a truck. The driver was also taken into custody.

“Police have arrested nine protesters outside Flemington Racecourse on 2 November,” said Victoria Police.

“Officers spoke with two occupants in a tip truck loaded with manure that pulled up at the Flemington Road entry about 10.10 am.

“Eight protesters appeared and tried to chain themselves to the truck however police quickly responded and took all into custody.”

“The driver of the truck was also arrested. They are currently in custody, assisting police with their enquiries.”

“We’re here to raise awareness about the cruelty that’s systemic in horse racing,” Kristin Leigh from the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses told VICE in an on-site interview.

“Horses are killed on race tracks and they’re also killed when they’re no longer profitable at slaughterhouses and knackeries. They’re basically seen as commodities, as an investment for people to make money from, through entertainment and gambling profits.”

“Horse racing in general is not just about the deaths on track and the deaths afterwards, it’s about their lives. Their entire lives are not natural for horses, they’re kept in stables for up to 23 hours a day,” she continued.

“Our research has shown about 10,000 thoroughbreds a year are sent to the knackery or slaughterhouse.”

To add a touch of humour to the occurrences above, Fenwick also tweeted about an encounter with a few protestors who weren’t even that passionate about the cause, but wanted something to do. Thanks, boys.

Instead of supporting the Melbourne Cup in any capacity, how about we watch the Kath & Kim episode set at the races instead.

And as always, say #NupToTheCup.