The Matildas Just Scored A ‘Yuge Pay Increase In Their New Contract As They Bloody Deserve

Australia’s favourite national soccer teams the Socceroos and Matildas have just agreed to a new pay deal, giving the beloved Tillies a ‘yuge salary increase which will make some of them the highest paid female athletes in the country.

The brand new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is a deal made between the players and Football Australia concerning rates of pay and perks for the athletes. This year more than 40 members from both national squads helped to craft the the first CBA between the players and Football Australia since 2019.

Since 2019, The Matildas have stolen hearts all around the nation, earning millions of viewers and hundreds of thousands of new fans with their performance in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, and most notably the Aus/NZ Women’s FIFA ’23 World Cup which they placed fourth in.

In recognition of these amazing feats, and the massive social value the Tillies have built up — as proven by their smashing of TV viewership records — Football Australia increased the pay rates for the players, which will see some of them earn as much as $80K more a year.

Under the 2019 CBA the top Tillies would earn around $83K a year, regardless of how many games they played. This number rose to $110K toward the end of the agreement.

However the new agreement made this week means that Matildas players will be paid under the same model used to pay members of the Socceroos, in which players are given a larger share of the revenue from each match they play.

Approximately 70 per cent of a Matildas’ wage will now be made up from match fees, and the remaining 30 per cent is from a set annual commercial payment.

Meaning that on one hand this new deal could see some of the superstar Matildas earning a buttload more — especially if their games continue to sell out so consistently. On the other, it could see some players earn less if not selected for as many matches.

Former Matildas captain Kate Gill clarified the numbers, stating that a top Tilly could earn between $125K – $200K a year under the new deal.

This new CBA has been celebrated as a massive step forward in equality of pay between men’s and women’s soccer in Australia, with the two national squads now being paid under the same model. The 2019 CBA was also similarly celebrated for how it aimed to level the amount of pay given, as well as the same benefits for players across both squads such as business flights to all matches.

These quality of life benefits and more have been included again in the new agreement, giving extra pregnancy benefits and allowing children up to the age of four to have accommodation at camps when travelling for matches.

The contract will last until 2027, and will then go up for renegotiation.