Diamond Beach based photographer Martin Von Stoll is gaining attention for his jaw-dropping photos of the NSW bushfires currently raging across the state.

Stoll has posted many of his images to his Instagram account, with this photo in particular being picked up by others, including musician and Forster/Tuncurry local Jack River.

His photos span the coast of NSW, showing the close proximity of the flames to houses and beaches.

Great Lakes Advocate got in touch with Stoll, who said that while the situation was one of horror, the very nature of fire is mesmerising, which is why people have responded to his images.

“Who isn’t mesmerised by a fire? You sit around a campfire and what does everyone do? They just stare into the flames. And I think it’s no different with a bushfire. You’ve got fire, you’ve got the elements, it’s something that’s raw, powerful, and you just look at it and that’s part of nature, and anything to do with nature, you’ve just got to be impressed by it.”

Two people have died as a result of the bushfires, with seven unaccounted for and over 150 homes destroyed at the time of writing. More than 80 fires are burning across NSW and Queensland.

Image: Martin Von Stoll