In case you haven’t heard, everyone’s problematic rom-com fave Love Actually is getting a sequel of sorts: writer/director Richard Curtis and director of Red Nose Day Emma Freud are bringing most of the cast back together for a 10-minute short to be screened as part of this year’s RND telethon, which raises money for British charity Comic Relief
The short will show us exactly where some of the original’s beloved couples have ended up, nearly fifteen years on. Expect to see Liam Neeson and Thomas Brodie-Sangster‘s grieving stepfather/stepson and Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon‘s prime minister and the pauper love story. 
Most intriguingly, we’ll revisit the deeply discomfiting love triangle of newlyweds Juliet (Kiera Knightley) and Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and creepy best friend with a laser-focused crush on Jules, Mark (Andrew Lincoln, who’s now like, super-famous thanks to his starring role in The Walking Dead). 
Rumours have been circulating that the sequel will see Juliet and Mark end up together, which is frankly ridiculous because Mark is a creep who can’t keep his unrequited boner to himself and feels the need to ruin a perfectly nice newlywed Christmas with his puppy dog eyes, zip-up turtleneck and dreadful, manipulative, accomplice-to-fuckery-making signs. 
Regardless of who actually ends up with whom, the cards themselves will definitely be making a comeback, according to Freud’s Twitter. See:
That is… an enormous stack of cards. What the hell do you need to say via the medium of hand-held signs that takes a foot of cardboard? Just say it like a human being, Mark! You god damned creepo! Also, “tell him it’s carol singers“? Again?! You unoriginal berk! You boring sadboi! You energy-sapping, emotional labour-demanding wank!
Anyway. However this particular collar-tuggingly awkward threesome works out, we’ll get to see it when the short airs on March 24 during this year’s Red Nose Day special.
Image: Love Actually.