Just All The Best Signs From Australia’s March 4 Justice Protests ‘Coz Activism Is Also Art

march 4 justice signs

Thousands of people across the country came together on Monday afternoon to march for justice for women who have been the victims of sexual violence.

More than 30 different protests were organised across the country as part of the collective March 4 Justice movement and, as expected, the turnout was absolutely phenomenal.

The initial crowd estimate for the events was set to be 75,000 across the country, but it looks like the reality is even greater than that.

So, in honour of the fact that Aussies came out in the literal thousands to protest for women’s rights, I thought I’d collate the most iconic signs spotted at today’s protests.

For starters, I need to shout out perhaps the greatest sign I’ve seen all day, courtesy of artist Julie Shiels. She has a whole collection of this sort of political art on her website but hoo boy, this really tickled my fancy today.

Melbourne truly turned tf up with some powerful signs, like this one that truly just says it all.

march 4 justice signs

This placard is proudly sponsored by IKEA (not really, but I wish it was).

march 4 justice signs

And we simply can’t forget this iconic ode to the queen herself (Julia Gillard) and her famous misogyny speech.

march 4 justice signs

While we’re on the topic of iconic signs, this ‘erectile dysfunction’ power couple of signs. I mean, you simply have to applaud this one.

Personally, I think the eggplant emoji was designed for this sign and this sign only.

And on the topic of big swinging dicks, this sign really says it all.

Aaaaaaand this one.

How good is (not) the patriarchy, but how (really) good is this family and their signs? Iconique! *Chefs kiss*

And let’s be real here, you know things are bad when white men are protesting.

But it’s not just Melbourne that came through with the great signs, here are some of the best of the rest of the country:

And last, but certainly not least, the best thing to come out of the protests: Sam Neill of Jurassic Park fame attended the Sydney march.