The Total Goose Snapped Stealing A Lectern At The US Capitol May Have Already Been Identified

Podium Stealing Adam Johnson Trump Rioter Capitol Hill Via Getty

During today’s breach of Capitol by pro-Trump rioters, Getty Images managed to capture an image of a man stealing a lectern while the chaos ensued. Well, instead of posing for the photo he probably should have bolted, because now folks online have ID’d him, his wife and his place of work within minutes.

It probably wasn’t the best idea to march into the Capitol, steal the lectern of U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and then wave at the cameras, but alas, that is exactly what this moron has done.

Mere minutes after the pic went online, Twitter legends did what they do best, and used the man’s face to track down pretty much everything you’d ever need to know about him. According to internet detectives, the man is allegedly someone named Adam Johnson. 

Of course, this is not confirmed information, but Twitter reckons that they’ve tracked down the correct guy as week as information about his background. Allegedly, the man comes from Florida.

A pro-Trump rioter from Florida? I am shocked.

Why hire a detective when you can hire Twitter users?

Thankfully there’s a little bit of humour in this story, which has been hard to find in such an awful day in American politics.

As you can see above, the original image posted to Twitter was paired with the caption: “Via Getty, one of the rioters steals a podium from the Capitol.” Now obviously, the caption is referring to Getty Images, where the image comes from, however, some people online thought that Via Getty was the name of the actual rioter, which is definitely something.

One user wrote in response: “BOOM! WE got one of these MAGA CHUDS! Via Getty look him up I bet he flunked out of high school and fucks his sister! Via Getty that is his name let’s get this guy and serve justice.”

I truly have no words. I appreciate the gusto, but I am bereft of words.

Well, whoever the man is, not to be confused with Via Getty, has since deleted his Facebook after realising that yes, his actions do in fact have consequences.

It has truly been a wild day in news.