Remember that $120,000 banana-taped-to-wall art installation in Miami that went viral earlier this week? Well, somebody has eaten the banana.

Let me just preface this by saying that I don’t really understand art. My mum is an artist, my friends are artists. I can appreciate a good sketch or oil painting, but I just don’t really *get* this.

David Datuna, a New York-based performance artist, walked up to the banana, took it off the wall and ate it, 7News reports. Simple, yet effective.

The “Hungry Artist” stunt has also been shared on his Instagram account, depicting him eating the banana in front of a shocked crowd.

“I love Maurizio Cattelan artwork and I really love this installation. It’s very delicious,” the post was captioned.

In case you missed it, Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan created the artwork, which was on display at the Art Basel show in Miami. You know, the same guy who created the gold toilet that was stolen in London back in September.

The art installation made headlines on Friday when three “editions” of the installation sold for upwards of $120,000USD. For the *very affordable* price of $120,000USD ($175,351AUD), buyers were given a “certificate of authenticity”, effectively buying the idea of the banana taped to the wall.


They own the “idea” of the banana. The actual banana must be replaced.

But if you thought eating a $120,000 banana was the truly wild part about this story, think again. It turns out the gallery isn’t even upset about it because… art.

“He did not destroy the art work. The banana is the idea,” Perrotin museum relations director Lucien Terras told the Miami Herald.